Every project is unique

Our story

We are Hannah and Jürgen, passionate about interior and creativity and founders of Interior and more. Our life is a constant search for the newest trends, materials and techniques in interior design. Our purpose? To create unique, timeless and forward-thinking interiors. Every damn time.

I am: playful

Interior and more is a playfield for our insanely creative team. We guide you through each project. From A to Z, from design to result. Each project has its own unique twist, because uniqueness is what makes you memorable.

We mainly work for business customers, although we’re not afraid of some private projects every now and then. Retail, office, catering industry, hospitality… We’re ready to take your challenge. And of course, we take all your commercial, functional and budgetary inquiries into account. As long as we don’t have to color within the lines.

I am: getting in touch

Interested in what our team can do? Curious about how our creative brain can turn your project into a masterpiece? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We love a good chat.